The Quasichick


Hi, I'm Ashley!  I am so glad you stopped by to check out my blog.

First things first, many people ask "What is Quasichick?"
'Quasi' is a synonym of sorts for 'resembling'
As a modern day chick, I feel I resemble many things. . . .

I'm a mom to two beautiful girls.  These two cutie-patooties are as opposite as day and night.  I love each of their differences and how it makes them unique.  They compliment one another like peanut  butter and jelly, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, . . .  you get my point.  Being their mother is absolutely one of the things I cherish most in this life.  I am one blessed girl to call them mine! 

 I am a teacher to some pretty amazing students.  Being an educator is part of who I am.  I work hard and give my best to my students everyday.  I hope to show them unconditional love and support and to help them achieve success.  It's a challenging job (as many of you know or have heard) but I think it's worth it!

I am a daughter and sister (the oldest of 3).  Being the oldest is pretty awesome!  I get to boss around my sisters and of course I am always right (I kid, I kid).  All jokes aside, I come from a pretty great bunch of people and definitely count these three ladies as some of my best friends and supporters. 

I am a friend, reader, make-up lover, shoe freak, music listening, dancing my blues away kind girl.  On this blog you will get a little sneak into my life and experience some of my shenanigans.  I am also focusing on dropping some pounds, getting healthy, and increasing my fitness.  I'll include a lot of ramblings about that on the blog too.  My life changed pretty drastically about two years ago (you can read about that here) and I would like to think I have taken a difficult situation and arrived on the other side learning a few things.  I hope this blog will be a source of inspiration, laughter, and acceptance for other fellow quasichicks.

A few other things:
  • My grammar and spelling will not be perfect even though I am a teacher :)
  • I love tattoos... a lot
  • TV isn't really my thing, but books are
  • My favorite color is leopard print
  • I like to cook and try out new ingredients 
  • I've never flown in an airplane...hoping that changes soon
  • I have a degree in accounting as well as education
  • I love numbers, making budgets, solving equations (<--- Nerd, I know)
  • Give me coconut anything and I am yours forever

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Much Love, 

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